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Eco Things to Do

“Here are some things everyone can do to reduce our carbon footprint & do our share to preserve the earth for future generations… “

  1. Use a travel mug instead of to-go cups.
  2. Use both sides of paper before recycling.
  3. Laugh often.
  4. Buy printed products from sustainable logging sources.
  5. Use electricity generated from wind, solar & human power whenever possible.
  6. Buy acid-free & chlorine-free paper products.
  7. Carpool.
  8. Use oxy-bleach instead of chlorine bleach.
  9. Plant native trees.
  10. Support eco-friendly companies.
  11. Take old clothes, furniture and jewelry and give them new life.
  12. Cut up an old scarf and add it as a border to a jean shirt
  13. Take clothes that don’t fit properly and add darts or open up side seams.
  14. Reupholster an old rocker, old dining room chairs and an old piano bench.
  15. Cut up tee shirts from places you’ve been and make pillows.
  16. Make a curtain out of an old lace tablecloth. Trim tops with antique buttons.
  17. Replace buttons on jackets with antique ones.
  18. Sew antique lace onto velvet fabric (cut from a gown) and put it in an old frame. Glue old buttons on the frame.
  19. Cut up sheets and pillow cases and make curtains,trash can covers, and table shirts.
  20. Donate clothes to a thrift shop whose proceeds benefit abused women.
  21. Walk more by parking away from the building.
  22. Switching from incandescent light bulbs to longer lasting, more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.
  23. Switching from incandescent Christmas lights to longer lasting, more energy efficient LED Christmas lights.
  24. Always check for a book at a used bookstore first instead of at a new store

Send us your ideas for how to be green!

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