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Thanksgiving sentiments for Turkey Dinner Lovers

At Thanksgiving, people who know me may remember what I ask them.

For over 50 years during and around Thanksgiving, I survey family, friends, clients and strangers.

I ask them: “May I ask you a personal question?” No one has ever objected.

Then I ask them “White meat or Dark meat?”

I found that Thanksgiving is the holiday that people look forward to most.  It is the time when families get together and share the traditional Turkey dinner, complete with all the foods that have been their families’ customs.

It’s a very big deal. I know that when I’ve asked the question, it allows people to share special memories of the holiday. It sure makes them want to talk with me.

For the most part, as you can imagine, I get white meat as an answer.  Although the dark meat lovers are very enthusiastic.

People enjoy telling me about their families’ customs.  I get lots of stories about recipes & how they cook the turkey. I should have kept a log, as you know if asked hundreds of people. I once cooked a turkey in a bag, upside down. Boy was that moist.  How was I supposed to know which was the right way?

This year I got some great responses.

One was “My husband and I don’t eat the dark meat.  We are white meat lovers.  We have three dogs and I cut up the dark meat, add rice and gravy and give it to our dogs.  By the way we have a Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog that would take the food off of our table.  He loves the dark meat.  We also have rescue that my husband found in the back of a truck.”

Another I received this week was from a Township employee.  His answer was: “We have two young daughters and the three of us like dark meat.  There are only two drumsticks so there are family fights over who gets them.”

Another, when asked, said there is 3 times more white meat on a turkey than dark. So the white meat lovers have a better chance of getting their favorite.

He also mentioned that he likes both the white and dark meat.  Few have answered that way.  Some hadn’t given it too much thought, but they always join in with conversation.  It really is a fun thing to ask as people as they like thinking about Thanksgiving.

And another has said “We wait till the day after and make white meat turkey sandwiches.”

Others will say they don’t eat turkey.  They have a ham instead.

Personally, I prefer the white meat, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing and green beans.

For many of our fifty years of marriage, we have had Thanksgiving at our home with family.  We also invite a friend, someone who doesn’t have family here.

We are blessed because we have someone in our family that really knows how to slice a turkey the best way.  John, one of our sons-in-law, actually sliced a turkey in record time. A few years ago I took a video of it.  I hope I can find it.

Thanksgiving will be sad for many of us this year.  But any way you slice it, remember the good times you had, as they will return in 2021.  If you know someone that may need some cheering up, call them and ask, “White meat or Dark?”  Be sure to also offer contact-free delivery if you have extra food to share.

– Herb

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