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Rosemary’s Blog – The Value of [Olympic] Awards

Awards are Priceless

It was wonderful to watch TRUE reality TV over the past 2 weeks. How refreshing to be able to turn on the TV and see real people who have dedicated their lives to exceling at something that they are passionate about They took that talent, drive, hard work and motivation all the way to Rio to match talents with the best of the best from around the world. I love the Olympics!

And the prize? A medal. A gold, silver or bronze medal. Wow.

No really. It is a big thing. Yes, it’s mostly made of silver, and you can’t really do a lot with it. But it is such a spectacular and meaningful icon to anyone who is able to receive it. When you have earned that distinction, you will always be an Olympic medalist. That’s got to feel pretty sensational!

kayla Harrison
That’s what awards do. They recognize a person or a group or a project. They make us feel better about what we accomplished, because our company or organization says, “Yes, you did a great job! And we noticed! And we appreciate it!” It makes us feel justified in the efforts we expended toward whatever the goal. And it makes us want to maintain that level of performance.

Rewards are acknowledgement, but also reinforcement. That’s why it is not only a good idea to have a recognition program in your company. It actually makes fiscal & management sense to do so. Why wouldn’t you want to acknowledge employees for a job well done and let their coworkers know that they will be rewarded for their extra efforts?

Award programs don’t have to cost a lot, either. You can give anything from gift certificates to cash to an actual award. The point is, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate excellence and extra effort among your employees. Set that bar higher with awards so your employees know where they should be aiming. You and they will both benefit from it.

Olympians who did not medal still had the great opportunity represent their country. They probably trained just as hard and felt honored to be part of the Olympic family. Their REWARD of inclusivity in this exclusive team is something they will always treasure. They are Olympians! And they kept on going, even if they knew they would not finish in the top 3.

The team aspect is also very rewarding – for everyone. It creates better relationships and comradery. And didn’t we all see some great moments of personal accomplishment from the non-medalists?


So… Set goals. Motivate. Reward.

Think about it.

For more info on Benefits of recognition, case studies, and actual awards, go to our website: awards.
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Boa tarde!      [Brazilian for Good Afternoon!]



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