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Remember the giant printers – Herb’s Blog

February 27, 2018

Remember the giant printers that took up a lot of space and continuous, pin-feed business forms? They often had multiple copies with marginal words on each sheet for distribution. These forms ran on impact printers. The sets may have had to be section-glued for second writing, once burst into sets. As technology changed, impact printers were replaced with laser printers. They are space savers.

Back in the eighties, District Justices throughout Pennsylvania required that their paperwork be processed with the new laser printers. They also needed multiple copies. I was able to learn about their applications early on and decided to test a variety of carbonless papers on IBM laser printers.

The application was to print their documents as needed, with as many as four or five copies. This meant printing the same data multiple times.

Once printed, they were kept as sets for each application. The key was for the paper to be heavy enough to be processed and the forms to be carbonless, for further processing and signing after they were laser-printed.

I recommended a white, carbonless, self-contained paper that could be signed on the top sheet and be legible through all necessary copies. We were successful with this recommendation and subsequent testing. While carbonless paper was routinely printed and glued together for use in sets, this application separated the carbonless sheets for use on laser printers.

We are proud to be the company that offered this solution. It’s been four decades, and we still supply these forms – not only to this market but to other organizations who also need to have ease of secondary writing.

Some of the custom applications that we provide are Bills of Lading, Receiving, Shipping and Packing Lists. Other applications include Accounts Payable, Payroll and Disbursement Checks, Purchase Orders, Acknowledgements, Invoices and Statements. We pre-print necessary information, usually on the reverse side of each sheet.

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