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Labels – Herb’s Blog

One of our more than Five Thousand products is Labels.

Did you ever think of all the different specs available for labels?

There are special materials, adhesives, sizes and shapes.

We produce labels for many applications and they are attached to surfaces either temporarily or permanently. Also tamper proof for security of product identification.

In the early 70’s I invited an expert in the Label manufacturing business to address our staff.  There are a few things that have “stuck” with me.

He mentioned that labels have memory.  If you remove the backer from the label the label will not curl.  However if you remove the label from the backer it will curl and will be more difficult to align with the area you are trying to adhere it to.

He also mentioned that for every business form a label is generated.  He offered 1 dollar for any form we could name that didn’t generate the use of a label.

For example, time cards that go on to racks for employees to punch in. The time cards required a label for each employee with their name and employee number. (Since then we offered a better solution — Preprinting the employee data on 2 or 3 up time cards. This saved lots of time and eliminated 2 functions.)

Another example is product that is shipped with a bill of lading. Those cartons require shipping labels.  Obviously he didn’t give us any dollar bills but he did teach us about the ever growing market for labels.

Labels represent a large portion of our print sales.  To name a few, we provide carton labels, product ID labels, caution labels, thermal labels, bin labels, pallet labels, address and shipping labels.  We produce labels used for direct mail like the ones you receive with your name and addresses pre- printed such as the ones we did for the Paralyzed Veterans of America. We offer the prime labels that go on finished products and Vehicle ID numbers for DOT registered vehicles.  We use label adhesives to wrap entire cars and trucks with graphics.  Those adhesives are aggressive and the material is warranted for up to seven years from fading.

Labels can also be integrated with forms as needed to capture physician orders, lab requirements or shipping locations. Next time you see a label, I challenge you to decide if it was engineered best to meet the required life of the label and does it do what it was intended to do?

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